Picture above set to 100% width and 500px high with COVER for object-fit. With this category, the featured image displays in the blog but I manually added it here on the post and reduced its heigh, etc. However, the text area, given no sidebar, is probably too wide, and should be set to 800 or less than that–maybe use a percentage and change it for the other 2 viewports–or declare a max-width of 800?

For reasons unknown 3 paragraphs that were originally here before my inserting a container and then the picture showed errors and had to be deleted. These are all within the container now, so hopefully ok? **I repeated the error, by hitting return and typing in the block, but then got an “this block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed” message. Which means delete & do it over. **More probs. I converted the error blk to a Guttenberg H tag, and then converted to a GB headline and then chose paragraph. THAT seems to be ok.

This page was first created just to hold posts categorized as nonsense. I have ADAM category and a page for that. Can create a new element template for this nonesense category. Will rename this page in the meantime.