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by gestion

I had prev named ths as Adam Post Layout but that was the name of the template I created in Elements, and getting confusing it’s category tagged adam. When I use the Adam content-layout that’s assigned only to the adam category, the featured image is shown on the category archive page AND at a smaller size as part of the post’s header area with the author, etc. on the left side. This was a variation of Adam’s blog template, only I dropped the slice fx, etc. *I had another paragarph before the GB image, but it rendered an error and I deleted it. ** Now I’m putting this paragraph in a container.

Can I center this? Apparently not–had tried to auto margin it to no effect. However, I did this now in the template and it’s centered.

I used object-fit here and COVER but didn’t make this a bg image. It doesn’t look like object-position can be done unless it’s a bg image. ?? ** Let’s see what happens when I use WIDE WIDTH. :: Doesn’t work. Is that because i used object fit? try removing tha.**No change.

SO when can WIDE WIDTH and FULL WIDTH be used? Only on pages? Didn’t I get this to work on the other site?