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by gestion

Using the variation of the Adam blog post template with the header. I had restricted the text area size, and on this post left in the sidebar. But without the sidebar the other adam category post looks kind of odd in the text area. Maybe if it were centered?

In the CUSTOMIZER you can set up the default for no sidebars –e.g, in single posts or archives, but you can still have them on an individual post–pretty sure

How do I get the image below to extend outside of the text area? The wide width and the full one don’t take effect. **I updated the element template and removed max-width 800px. Now th pic below goes to the edges of the container. Let’s try the wide width now and see if it goes outside. :: Nope.

SOLUTION: In the metabox options on the right side you can set the post for Default, Full Width or Contained. But to do either of the two vars the padding & margins for everything else would need to be adj. **Ok, so I did that. All paragraphs are in the container, and that’s centered auto-margins. MOST IMPORTANTLY, the POST settings need to be set to CONTAINED (and no sidebars). THe Mando image size is set to WIDTH: 100% and HEIGHT: 500px. Then I could use the FULL WIDTH setting on the image.

WOULD NEED TO RESOLVE: the header area with the author etc. needs some more padding or left margin space if you’re going for this design on all the adam category posts. Note that you don’t have the featured image showing inside the edit post–it comes from the template appliled.