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In an effort to recede the painful reality encountered in WWII, the FIfties looked for a status quo promulgated widely through television to restore what was thought to be American values.

Martin Photography First Street
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After World War II ended, many Americans were eager to have children because they were confident that the future promised peace and prosperity. In many ways, they were right. Between 1945 and 1960, the gross national product more than doubled, growing from $200 billion to more than $500 billion, kicking off “the Golden Age of American Capitalism.”

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Much of this increase came from government spending: The construction of interstate highways and schools, the distribution of veterans’ benefits and most of all the increase in military spending–on goods like airplanes and new technologies like computers–all contributed to the decade’s economic growth.

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The baby boom and the suburban boom went hand in hand. Almost as soon as World War II ended, developers such as William Levitt (whose “Levittowns” in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania would become the most famous symbols of suburban life in the 1950s) began to buy land on the outskirts of cities and use mass production techniques to build modest, inexpensive tract houses there.

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**Compare with a FLEX version below. What if I used the GROUP thing? Major Bummer is a humorous comic book produced by DC Comics in the late 1990s. It was created by writer John Arcudi and artist Doug Mahnke. For the series’s brief run, the main character was 19-year-old Lou Martin, who Arcudi described as “smart enough that he might be able to cure cancer if he applied himself, but he’d rather use his brain to try and steal cable”.

Major Bummer was cancelled after issue #15 – “Sales were bad and there was just no way to keep this book going”, wrote editor Peter Tomasi in the letter pages of the last issue.

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