Martin Photography First Street

In an effort to recede the painful reality encountered in WWII, the FIfties looked for a status quo promulgated widely through television to restore what was thought to be American values.

Martin Photography First Street
car crossing

Mid-50s America envisioned in a game design. I still don’t know what this game is. In this Grid instance with 2 child containers. When selecting the parent Grid, you can choose the horizontal gap, which I think I set to 40. The actors in the last still look AI-generated. The character reading the newspaper in the first still may be completely computer-generated. He could be anybody‚Ķor nobody.

SmartSlider 3 is in use here and will go GeneratePress WIDE WIDTH, so stays within the margins but goes to the edge. Depicter didn’t want to work correctly with its white background showing on the sides. Only way to fix that was to use boxed layout. Will have to try this again.

Mid-50s Game Design

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“The point here is to demonstrate one can have another container here that spans the overall (contained) width of the page. If I’d wanted the slideshow above would break outside of the boundry. That setting has to be in SmartSlide3 though not anywhere on this page.”
–Pretender Pullquote